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IMG 6227 300x233 - Windows and doors El Dorado CountyInefficient and poor quality doors and windows are some of the biggest culprits of high utility bills. Outdated and drafty El Dorado County doors and windows leak at least 35% of the energy you use for cooling and heating. For all your windows and doors El Dorado County needs, there is only one company to call. For over 15 years, Best Exteriors has gained a reputation of being the top service provider for window replacement and doors installation in this region.

We do not only offer the highest quality products backed by our lifetime warranty and vouched for by our many extremely satisfied customers. We also make sure that every project is completed with the customers’ needs and wants in mind.

Our world class customer service and top notch products make us the leading service providers of windows and doors in El Dorado County.

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Replacement windows in El Dorado County

Replacing your El Dorado County windows can instantly transform a room without having to undergo a major home renovation project.

A El Dorado County windows replacement project does not have to be a long and arduous endeavor. Best Exteriors offers a wide range of different styles, brands, and materials for you to choose from.

Our window styles include:  

  • single or double slider windows;
  • single or double hung windows;
  • picture windows;
  • casement windows;
  • bay and bow windows;
  • geometric or specialty windows;
  • garden windows;
  • awning windows, and many more.

IMG 6236 300x217 - Windows and doors El Dorado CountyVisual Upgrades – It is time to replace your El Dorado County windows when you are tired of your outdated windows and want your home to have a fresh, new look.

  • Curb appeal – Want to stand out from the rest of the homes on your street? Then it is time to get those windows replaced.
  • Comfort – If you are having trouble keeping the elements out or the cold or heat in, then a El Dorado County windows replacement is in order.
  • Maintenance – Windows go through regular wear and tear and that is why it is important to survey them and replace them before they cause more damage.
  • Energy efficiency – Windows are either energy savers or guzzlers. If you start noticing your energy bills increasing, it might be time to replace your windows.

A Common Reasons to Replace Windows

The paint is cracked
The frames are warped
There’s a noticeable draft when it’s windy outside
It’s far too easy to hear outside noise
Your cooling and heating bills are higher than they ought to be
You struggle to open and close your windows

These are all signs that your windows are no longer air tight. There’s a chance that they can be repaired, which is something that we assess during a free consultation, but usually the better long-term solution is to replace them.

Contact Best Exteriors for entire home improvement needs, our highly knowledgeable and friendly staff is always willing to answer your questions. We look forward to doing business with you.

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Exterior Doors in El Dorado County

Replacing your exterior doors can do wonders for the value of your home, its visual appeal, and energy savings. It is a home renovation project well worth the investment.

Best Exteriors offers different styles, brands, and materials so you are sure to find the perfect door that meets your needs and improves your home’s character.

Our door styles include:

  • stacking moving glass walls;
  • pocket moving glass doors;
  • bi-fold moving glass walls;
  • out- and in-swing french patio doors;
  • sliding and swinging doors, and many more.

Big Reasons to Replace Exterior Door

Consider replacing your exterior door as soon as you notice any of these following issues:

  • New Space – If there is some space between your door and your frame that was not there before, it is time to get new doors. This space can let unwanted light, draft, dirt, water, pests in. You do not want that. 
  • Damage – Wear and tear, severe weather, etc. can cause dents, rusting, splitting, peeling, and broken hinges.
  • Locking Problems – If your door does not close easily, is hard to open, or lock properly, it is a major issue and something that needs to be addressed right now.
  • Higher energy bills – Once you notice your energy bills increasing, it is always a good idea to evaluate the integrity of both your doors and windows.
  • Ugly doors – Even if your door is not damaged, you might want to replace them if they do not make you feel joy anymore.

Installing new windows and doors for your El Dorado County home is definitely worth the investment. They bring value by making your home beautiful, increasing your home’s value, reducing your energy costs, and improving the comfort of the home’s residents. Whatever your aesthetic or technical El Dorado County windows and doors needs are, Best Exteriors has got you covered.

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