Linda A. Hayward, CA
We bought our home when it was built in 1979. This was our 2nd window/patio door upgrade project. (The previous project to replace all windows/patio doors was done a number of years ago by a company long since out of business. We discovered that all of the windows/doors had been improperly installed, resulting in some areas of structural damage, and creating a project of "new installation" instead of retro.) We addressed the heavily damaged areas immediately, but still had need for the replacement of 2 patio sliders and three windows. We met with Daniel, who presented us with a number of design ideas as we considered the installation of a bay window versus replacing the single slider and the style options available for the two sliding patio doors. In addition, he recommended a single slider, versus the double slider that was in place, to open up the view from one of the windows (excellent idea!) Daniel is extremely personable and knows the products well. When the crew came out on a subsequent day to take the final measurements, we engaged in a good dialogue about the project and I looked forward to having them on the work site when the project commenced. We had vacation plans, so our project installation was held off for a week and the company was very good at working with our schedule. Scaffolding was required for our project and was put into place at the time which had been specified. On the day of the project, the crew, led by Tim, were absolutely fantastic! They installed the bay window (with beautiful molding), two large windows, and two sliding patio doors. Care was taken to minimize the construction dust; my questions about the process were answered with polite and thorough explanations; and they smiled as I kept wandering from room to room saying "I Love It!" With our project being "new construction" (due to the faulty installation by the aforementioned out of business contractor) we have a few weeks before our project will be entirely done. Stucco repair around each of the areas of installation, and installation of the wood trim that surrounds one window will complete our project. I will probably be telling that crew "I Love It!" as well. Thank you Best Exteriors Construction, Inc!