Isabella P. Milpitas, CA
They did a good job with my windows, but heaven help you if they make a mistake. We were satisfied with the estimate we were given, and the guy came to measure our 6 windows, the windows took 3 weeks to make, and we waited another month until they came and did the installation, but they only made 5 windows, so we had to wait ANOTHER month for them to make the 6th window. After that is where the headache comes in. They wanted to delay installing the last window until they had another job in the same neighbourhood, but i didn't want to wait that long, so Daniel gave us an appointment for a couple of weeks after, and the day before the appointment, they had a problem with their truck and they had to reschedule us again. COINCIDENTALLY, the date they rescheduled us for they were doing an installation in our neighbourhood, isn't that nice. So after the windows are made, it took over 2 months (closer to 3 months) to get all of our windows installed. I like the windows i got from Best Exteriors, but heaven help you if they make a mistake, because you get pushed to the back of the queue if they have to come back.