Insulated Vinyl Siding


Some do not pay much attention to the inner structure, but inner details are of the same importance as the outside experience. That was the main inspiration for Prodigy siding development.

All the siding details engineered to contribute to the beauty of the house and at the same to the long-lasting durability. A wide palette of colors that never fade and a unique super durable structure of insulated siding makes the perfect product for your next home.

Energy Efficiency

A Comfortable Home Year-Round. Prodigy delivers outstanding all-weather protection and can reduce your energy costs, thanks to the exceptional R-value of its industry-leading thermal barrier up to 1-1/2 thick insulation*, the thickest EPS foam available in a one-piece insulated siding system.

With innovative features such as RigidLock and TrueForm, Prodigy creates a powerful blanket of insulation around your home. Most trim and accessories are also insulated to further reduce potential energy gaps.

Engineered Performance

One-Piece Insulated Siding System. Precision-contoured insulation up to 1-1/2″ thick bonds securely to the siding panel, creating an integrated system that delivers remarkable strength and energy efficiency.

Innovative locking mechanism features a tongue-and-groove coupling that seals the panels together and locks out air and moisture. This ensures your siding will be locked in, will have straight and even course lines, and will look great for a lifetime.

Structurally Independent Wall System. Structural integrity and rigidly interlocking panels mean Prodigy stands tall on its own. The siding that stands on its own will stand up to almost anything.

Inspired Beauty

The Look of Hand-Installed Boards. Designed and expertly manufactured to capture the look of traditional single-plank siding. Available in 6″ and 7″ clapboard and 5″ dutch lap profiles.

More Panel. Less Seams. 39% longer than a standard 12′ panel, the Prodigy Extended Length panel design yields a straighter, cleaner exterior appearance and fewer overlaps.

Crisp, Clean and Subtle. The look and feel of finely milled wood attracts admiration without seeking attention. The understated look is timeless and genuine.

Color Collection

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