Best Exteriors offers installation of hinged patio doors from ProVia – crafted from quality construction, high-grade material, and practical functionality and dependability. With Best Exteriors as your installer, you get the best of all: style, function, durability, and quality installation. Customer satisfaction and quality installation is our top priority. We are honored to serve our Sacramento community and bring efficiency to your home aal year round.

Key Features

Customize doors that perfectly fit your needs

Built with steel or fiberglass to ensure durability with a thumb-turn deadbolt and a keyed handle set for security in various sizes available.

Customizable dimensions, including widths and heights up to 8 feet. Every door is perfectly tailored to our your needs.

Multiple door swing options include single, double-hinged and 3-lite center-hinged patio doors. Other selections include double-egress French doors and sliding multi-panel systems.

Choose customization, such variety of glass colors and styles glass, a wide range of grids, and interior blinds.

Certified by ENERGY STAR® according to quality standards for most styles, depending on the type of glass package selected.

Hinged patio door finish

Authentic woodgrain for a smooth finish

Best Exteriors will help you when you are customizing for your patio doors. With each ProVia hinged patio door tailored to fit your style, our team provides professional installation to ensure a seamless fit. You can choose from different colors and skins, such as smooth steel, fiberglass, or luxurious, realistic woodgrain. No matter what you choose, you can trust Best Exteriors with a quality installation.

mahogany swatch - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia

Mahogany Skin

cherry - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia

Cherry Skin

oak - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia

Oak Skin

knotty alder swatch - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia

Knotty Alder Skin

fir swatch - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia

Fir Skin

smooth skin - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia

Smooth Skin

Hinged patio door styles

Enhance the view with panel options and sidelites

Transform your outdoor area into a stunning space with the help of Best Exteriors team. We provide the best selection from ProVia’s hinged patio doors that offer timeless aesthetic appeal. Choose the perfect fit for your home from our selection of left-swinging, right-swinging, or center-hinged options that creates a unique outdoor atmosphere that is sure to impress.

Enhance the look and feel of your outdoor living space with ProVia’s wide range of stylish and functional hinged patio doors. Best Exteriors is proud to provide these options for the ultimate alfresco living!

  • All
460 1 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
449 1P  - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
440 1P 1 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
430 1P - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
420 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
419 1 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
006 1 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
002CP 449 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia


Door finish by style

Best Exteriors only work with credible brands like ProVia. We aim to supply and install doors that are crafted with care and excellence and guarantee reliability. Every door is made by expert artisans with specialized techniques for staining and glazing to ensure a long-lasting beautiful result.

Why Best Exteriors is the best team to install your doors. Professional installation prolongs the durability and gives you peace of mind with a warranty from both Provia and Best Exteriors. Warranty includes protection against flaking, checking, blistering, or peeling – depending on your chosen door frame option.

Honey Wheat 1 e1663090523330 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
Pecan 1 e1663091142477 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
Caramel 1 e1663090883175 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
Espersso e1663091177682 2 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
Truffle 1 e1663090994787 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
Ginger 1 e1663091039552 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia
Almond 1 e1663091101251 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia


Enhanced home security

Best Exteriors provides hardware options from reputable lockset manufacturers, like Trilennium®, Hoppe®, Emtek®, Brinks®, and Schlage®. With various finishes to choose from, you can find the perfect look for your home’s exterior. Our installation process will make it easy for you to start using your door immediately.

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Best Exteriors is here to enhance the comfort of your home with our wide selection of ProVia entrance doors. Crafted from only the best materials, these efficient and durable doors are built to last and can be easily customized to match your home’s style perfectly. Best Exteriors guarantees professional installation and personalization, so you don’t have to worry about searching for the right door that matches all your needs.

Explore our product comparisons below.

Signet door 136x300 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia


The look of wood, the durability of fiberglass

  • Most door styles and sidelite options
  • Structurally superior to traditional fiberglass doors
  • Option for either smooth finish or Cherry, Mahogany, Oak, Knotty Alder or Fir woodgrain finishes
  • 15-year finish warranty
Heritage door 136x300 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia


Value meets style and security

  • Most door styles are ENERGY STAR certified
  • Custom height in 1/8″ increments
  • Oak woodgrain and smooth fiberglass finish in a variety of stains and color options
  • 10-year finish warranty
Legacy door 136x300 - Hinged Patio Doors | ProVia

Legacy® STEEL

Secure and beautiful

  • Customize both sides of entry door with different styles or finish
  • Made with 20-gauge steel, making Legacy the strongest, most durable door on the market
  • Great front door solution for home security


The final and very personal touch to your hinged patio door

Best Exteriors is proud to present ProVia’s door glass options, enabling you to craft and customize your patio living space like never before. Our world-class installation team is always ready to give the best service for any custom home project, and they are sure to give your hinged patio door a new lease on life. The team’s attention to detail ensures the installation goes smoothly and gives you peace of mind even after the job is done. You can get the style you’ve always wanted and make a sophisticated statement in your home with Best Exteriors.

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Need some inspiration to get started? Browse our gallery to see the various customizations homeowners have chosen for their ProVia hinged patio doors.

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