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Best Exteriors offers multiple payment and financing options to help you fund your home improvement projects. This can make remodeling simple and stress free.

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Payments Types Accepted:

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

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Cash, cashier’s check, and certified personal checks are also accepted.

Financing Options:

We currently accept two Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs that require NO down payment and are easy to qualify for, as well as one bank that also offers up to 25 months of interest-free loans. Read more about the qualifications below.

To apply, speak to your sales representative during your in-home consultation or fill out the online form today to get pre-approved.


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Ygrene is one of the many PACE programs that helps home owners make their renovating process easy and affordable. This program can be used for energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation and storm protection improvements. It offers 100% financing with no down payment or minimum FICO score requirements. The eligibility is based on your home equity and ability to make payments. Projects are incorporated and repaid as part of your property taxes. The cost of the project can be spread out over the term of up to 30 years. If you sell your home, in some cases, the payments are transferred to the new homeowner leaving you with no further repayment obligations.

Eligible Window and Door improvements that qualify for the Ygrene program:

  • Additional building openings to provide natural light
  • Awning, Exterior
  • Awning, Retractable Exterior
  • Door, Energy Efficient Exterior
  • Glass Doors – French
  • Glass Doors – Sliding
  • Light Tubes
  • Patio Covers
  • Shutter, Exterior
  • Skylights
  • Sunroom
  • Windows
  • Window Film
  • Window & Door Blinds, Interior
  • Window & Door Shutters, Interior


For all PACE eligible residential improvements, reference the following link

All copy rights are reserved by Ygrene Energy Fund.

Home Energy Renovation Opportunity (HERO)

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Home Energy Renovation Opportunity(HERO) is another PACE program that offers financial assistance to home owners. It was specifically designed for home owners in need of improvements that provide energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation and hurricane protection.

Under this program home owners are able to finance multiple home improvement projects with a fixed interest rate. There are no application fees or down payments required. Approval is based on the available home equity, household income and debt payment history. With this program, our customers can get financing for up 25 years and the fixed interest may be tax deductible. The repayments are registered under property taxes.

Some qualifying improvements for HERO include:

  • central heating and air conditioning
  • duct replacement
  • cool roofs
  • solar panels
  • high efficiency toilets and fixtures
  • artificial turf
  • drought tolerant landscaping


For ALL the qualifying renovation improvements reference the following pdf file About windows and doors

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Synchrony Bank

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Synchrony Bank offers credit card loans with no interest for up to 25 months. After the promotional pay period is expired, an interest rate of 26.99% will be charged to the account until the credit card is paid in full.

What you need to apply:

  • all applicants must reside in the United States and be at least 18 years of age
  • need two forms of IDs. If using a joint applicant, the applicant must be present with his/her two forms of IDs
  • provide all forms of income, bonus, commissions and investments. Need to include child support, alimony, etc.

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