One of the best steps that you can take to improve your Sacramento home is to invest in casement windows. With just the simple turn of a crank, you can go from letting in a cool and refreshing breeze to blocking cold winds in a matter of seconds. There are also several other benefits of these windows that you’ll definitely want to check out.

Clear, Beautiful Views

If you’ve got a beautiful view of the great outdoors, you’ll want to enjoy it without anything getting in the way right? Contrary to many traditional window options, these products are equipped with fewer grid lines that typically divide panes of glass. As a result, the products offer a beautiful, clear, unobstructed view of your landscape.

Breath of Fresh Air

Several other styles of windows are designed to open halfway horizontally or vertically whereas these products can be opened and closed completely, providing wide open air circulation. When the sash is opened, it can even funnel outdoor air into a space by catching side breezes. With so many innovative features, these windows can definitely allow a crisp breeze to freshen up a space or cool off an area during a hot day or night.

Outstanding Energy Efficiency

These specific windows are one of the most energy efficient products on the market, and they are much better than the outdated, aluminum windows that are prevalent in many Sacramento homes. The products are designed to provide an air tight seal to stop air flow from entering and leaving the house. Because they are available in all of the most energy efficient glass and frame materials, these products can drastically lower your energy bills while creating a home that is comfortable.

Incredible Beauty

One of the challenges of searching for the right window is finding one that beautifully complements a home’s architectural style. Thankfully, with casement windows, you won’t have to worry about this issue because these products are available in many different attractive designs.

They can also be customized to a Sacramento homeowner’s size, color, and material preferences, especially when the products are purchased from Anlin or similar window brands.

Easy Access & Simple Cleaning

These products are opened and closed with convenient hand cranks that swing the window in; therefore, they can be installed in areas of the home where traditional windows may be hard to operate. Many California homeowners love the fact that they don’t have to open these windows by pushing them open or reaching up to close them, making them perfect windows to place over sinks and other hard-to-reach areas.

By simply swinging the window in, you can easily clean these products from the comfort of inside your home.

Stronger Security

These types of windows can offer you great peace of mind if break ins are a concern for you in California. Whenever you lock the window from the inside, every side of the product seal into the sash, which ultimately makes it difficult for an intruder to enter. The locks on these products also provide much security, featuring a hook-like design that easily embeds into the frame. Due to this design, thieves will have a hard time opening the windows from the outside.

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